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Balnaves of Coonawarra


Balnaves of Coonawarra Vineyard was established in 1975 and is situated at the southern end of the Coonawarra Terra Rossa strip. Balnaves wines are 100% Coonawarra and produced exclusively from fruit grown by the Balnaves family. Their aim is to consistently produce high quality wines from fruit sourced from their own vineyards, reflecting the unique flavours, character and quality of fruit grown in this cool climate region.

Since the planting of the first 5 hectares of vines in 1975, Balnaves vineyards have grown steadily. The principal variety planted is Cabernet Sauvignon which accounts for 70% of the area whilst the addition of other varietals including Merlot, Shiraz, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Chardonnay make up the total vineyard area.


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Browns Of Padthaway


Browns Of Padthaway is family owned and has been established in the Limestone Coast since 1970. With a philosophy based on a commitment to the environment and a focus on iconic Australian wines, Browns of Padthaway are committed to sustainable production. All the wines are Estate grown from the family’s Keppoch vineyard, Glendon Park and hand crafted by winemakers David O’Leary and Nick Walker. TIn Decanter magazine’s 21st Century edition, Browns Of Padthaway was labelled as one of the “21 Hottest Wineries to Watch”.

Browns Of Padthaway wines reflect the companies enthusiasm for quality and the geography of the Limestone Coast. The wines have a distinct taste that typifies the cool climate wine region.


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Chalk Hill


Chalk hill is a family owned wine company dedicated to making small batch, hand crafted wines of distinction. The Harvey family grape growing heritage dates back six generations in South Australia and they now have six vineyards spread across the beautiful McLaren Vale wine region 40 kilometres south of Adelaide in South Australia. McLaren Vale’s Mediterranean type climate of cool, wet winters and warm dry summers provides perfect growing conditions for premium grapes. Each Vineyard has a different soil type and topography, providing unique growing environment for the grapes. They take these unique factors and combine them with expert viticulture management to produce grapes of distinct character and appeal that make their wines so sought after.



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Sabella is a pseudonym which has travelled with the Petrucci family name over six generations from it’s original country of origin to Australia. The release of their own wines has been developed on the basis of a successful marriage between viticulture and winemaking and bearing the stature of Abundance-this symbol epitomizes the values which re share with the fine qualities of wine and life itself.

Nestled in the heart of McLaren Vale for 30 years they have devoted passion and tradition in their vineyards opting for an approach where quality with property holding spanning 110 acres-not all the fruit from other sections of vineyards has always been a bonus.



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Sidewood is a privately owned vineyard nestled in the premium cool climate region of the Adelaide Hills. Sidewood aims to create stylish, elegant wines with a focus on high quality from estate grown fruit.

Owners and Vignerons, Owen and Cassandra Inglis founded Sidewood in 2004 with a passion to create beautifully balanced and elegant award winning wines of the highest quality. Though their history is relatively short, Sidewood has already achieved a five red-star accreditation from James Halliday and in 2016 became the largest eco sustainable winery in the Adelaide Hills.



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The Curator Wine Company’s passion is to create wines with exemplary character and an artist’s eye for detail, all determined by the terroir of specific vineyard sites and sub regions. It started with the first of many critical decisions, settling on a site on the Marananga ridge out west of the Barossa Valley. Here, the ancient red soils, rich in ironstone and quartzite, provide an extraordinary medium.

But every wine it yields will only ever be the unique expression of its custodian and the integrity of the relationship between the maker, the land and the tight-knit community that nurtures them all. All the wines are naturally fermented in an old world manner with a few new world twists.


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Tait is a family owned winery located in the heart of the famous Barossa Valley in South Australia. The Tait name has been involved in the wine industry for more than 100 years practicing the art of cooperage. Tait wines is continuing this involvement by producing premium quality wines.

Their winemaking style is to produce hand crafted wines that are rich in colour, aroma and flavour. It is their philosophy that all quality wine starts in the vineyard. The Barossa fruit they use is low yielding and produces highly concentrated flavours and aromas. They feel their wines display the uncompromising pursuit of excellence.


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Frankland Estate


Buried deep in the heart of Western Australia’s most isolated wine region, Frankland Estate is as much a part of its natural landscape as it is a winery. Before founding the Estate in 1988, they embarked on a tour of French vineyards, and worked two vintages at Bordeaux’s renowned Chateau Senejac, in the Haut-Medoc region. Armed with a wealth of knowledge from their French experience and a shared passion for wine, they decided to diversify their farming interests from wool growing to wine by establishing vineyards on Isolation Ridge. Frankland Estate are extremely proud of how their work in harmony with the environment and the natural elements to create exceptional wines which express their remarkable sense of place.


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Making wine is an art, and the more art I was enjoying, the more the artist in me was trying to escape. I knew I had to make my own wine. The first commercial Trinchini wine needed to be special, a wine that I loved to drink. A piece of art that I could enjoy every day said founder Marcus Trinchini. Marcus moved to Victoria from South Australia in 2012. From here he started his search for the perfect vineyard to start his artwork. He found this in Heathcote. The red soil and sun burnt land made for the perfect blank canvas for Trinchini Wine. Marcus’ goal is to make the very best wine possible using traditional hand crafted methods integrated with modern technologies.


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